Lindi Roelofse


Results driven strategist with proven track record of bringing multi-disciplinary stakeholders, market intelligence, and resources together to increase efficiencies and value of output. Global perspective with diverse portfolio of cross-cultural deal negotiations. Winner of several academic awards.

   Ph.D. candidate (ABD), Strategy & Innovation, Newcastle University, 2016

M.B.A. in Strategic Management, University of Iowa, 2005
     B.A. in Psychology, University of Iowa, 2001

Masters Certificate in Advanced Studies in Academic Practice Certificate (CASAP), 2013 – 2016

    via Newcastle University
Post Graduate Certificate in Research Methods (PG Cert.), 2013
    via Newcastle University
Economic Development Institute Certificate (EDI), 2010
   via University of Oklahoma
Housing Development Financing Professional Certificate (HDFP), 2009

   via National Development Council
Online-Offline Hybrid Teaching Certification, 2006

    via University of Phoenix Faculty Training Program
Direct & Interactive Marketing Association Certificate, 2004

   via Direct and Interactive Marketing Association

Executive Director / General Manager
   Economic Evolutions, LLC, 2012 – present

   Tama County Economic Development Commission, 2007 – 2012
   Symphony Arlington, Inc. 2005 – 2006
   Movie Brands, Inc. (Viacom Corporation), 2002-2003

International Educator in Higher Education
   Wartburg College, 2016 – present

   Drake University, 2015 – 2016
   University of Northern Iowa, 2015 – 2016
   University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, 2013 – 2016
   University of Groningen, 2013 – 2015
   University of Phoenix, 2007
   University of Iowa, 2005

   Newcastle University, 2013 – present

   Economic Evolutions, LLC, 2012 – present
   Tama County Economic Development Commission, 2007 – 2012
   Symphony Arlington, Inc., 2005 – 2006
   University of Iowa, Pommerantz Business Library, 2005
   Executive Coaching International, 2003 – 2005
   NCS Pearson Educational Instruments, 2003
   American College Testing, Inc., 1999 – 2003

Events Manager/Producer
   Economic Evolutions, LLC, 2012 – presently

   Tama County Economic Development Commission, 2007 – 2012
   Symphony Arlington, Inc., 2005 – 2006
   University of Iowa, Hospitals and Clinics, 2004
   University of Iowa, Television/Video Production, 2002 & 2003
   University of Iowa, Division of Performing Arts, 2001 – 2002
   University of Iowa, Student Residence Life, 2000 – 2001

Publishing/Media Communications
   Economic Evolutions, LLC, 2012 – presently

   Tama County Economic Development Commission, 2007 – 2012
   Symphony Arlington, Inc. 2005 – 2006

Economic Evolutions, LLC (and sole proprietorship work)
President/CEO, 2012 – Present. Project based service provider in strategic planning, research and development, technology integration and interdisciplinary alliance development. Also offers a series of full and half day workshops on “Strategic Decision-Making under Uncertainty.”

  • Facilitated discussions for a trilateral international summit connecting government, business, educational and cultural entities in collaborative development of mutually beneficial opportunities between Chinese resettlement city, Laibin and Guangxi Province, the Cedar Valley region of Iowa and the Meskwaki Nation, in Nanning, Laibin, Guilin, China, February 2012 as well as on the Meskwaki Settlement, US, June 2012.
  • Team leader in the development of a commercialization strategy framework for a K-12 educational technology product developed in collaboration between US Department of Defense and University of Northern Iowa, 2012.
  • Designed two cost reduction systems for government/business to leverage networked information economy with increasing efficiency.
  • Offered series of workshops on “Strategic Decision-Making under Uncertainty” to executives and graduating business students at multiple universities, 2014 – present.

Tama County Economic Development Commission
Executive Director, 2007 – 2012. Economic vitality via job creation, capital investment and capacity building for a county that includes a Sovereign Nation and Settlement. Executive authority for county wide community foundation, entrepreneurship trust, diversity alliance, convention and visitors bureau, historic preservation commission and certified local government.

  • Over a period of five years, through an national recession, manufacturing plant closings and natural disasters, lead increase in taxable sales, a record high increased in the average county wage, decrease in retail leakage, and record high new small business formation.
  • Recruited and facilitated $812 million in new capital investment via various projects into the project pipeline. Tripled number of viable industrial leads during first year in new position. Site visits also tripled proportionally. Sustained trend through economic downturn.
  • Directly responsible for facilitating over $1 million in grant funding and tax credits. Vehicles for accomplishing this included traditional grant writing, as well as intermediary formations and management.
  • Diversified sources of funding for operating budget. Tripled financial leverage on each county tax dollar invested.
  • Lead Tama County to an Iowa Great Places designation for vision and over $4M in proposed strategies to actualize its authentic quality of place assets, 2009-2012.
  • Expanded group of stakeholder formally working together with 35% increase in private-sector partners, 400+ organized volunteers, as well as Meskwaki Tribe signing their first 28E inter-governmental partnership.

Symphony Arlington Inc.
Executive Director, 2005 – 2006. Strategic authority and implementation of young top 100 US professional orchestra in size.

  • Strategized and implemented a new low cost marketing portfolio to exceed the previous year’s total earned revenue within first 3 months. After that we integrated online and technology components to increase information dissemination and sales. Within one month of project launch, one third of new sales could be directly attributed to online integration.
  • Increased new customer base (dollar volume) by 300% over the preceding year. Increased loyal customer base by 33%. National industry numbers where decreasing during this time period.
  • Strong track record of fiscally responsible budgeting and project management. Consistently produced high ROI as different growth projects were introduced.
  • Diversified patron base to be more representative of the community served.

Other Leadership Experience
Research & Development Leadership, 1997 – Present. Very often my research involves participative action research methods. That implies that instead of ethnomethodological fly on the wall’ approaches, I actively participate as a co-creator in strategic change and the implementation of new collaborative industry solutions. Ethically the names of these companies would be withheld unless explicit permission has been provided. Sectors of these projects include:

  • INTERNATIONAL DEAL NEGOTIATIONS: Recruited and facilitated $500+ million in new capital investment via [15]+ MNC projects into the project pipeline. Tripled number of viable industrial leads during first year in new position. Site visits also tripled proportionally. Sustained trend through economic downturn, 2007 – 2012.
  • HIGHER EDUCATION: Emergent Innovation in social realism, technology and impact assessments.
  • OTHER EDUCATION: International recognition for leading an independent research and development team to produce a standardized assessment for quantifying and facilitating improvements in verbal communication for ages 6 and up. To date it is still the only assessment of its kind. Pretoria, South Africa, 1997. Business plan for the commercialization of this product as an educational game won the Volding Business Plan Competition, Iowa City, Iowa 2002.
  • GOVERNANCE Emergent Innovation in economic development, workforce development and accelerators.
  • HEALTHCARE: Emergent Innovation in Healthcare: corporate wellness, stress and resiliency.
  • CORPORATE LAW: Emergent Innovation in Corporate Law: complex relational contracting.
  • IT START-UP: Emergent Innovation in IT Start-ups: entrepreneurship and new skill development.
  • OTHER, Events Manager – Recruited, hired, trained and managed various combinations of business leaders, elected officials, community leaders, volunteers, sales reps, designers, managers, technicians, and artists to facilitate a smooth operations/development of approximately 1,000 events in a variety of genres, 1999 – present.


Wartburg College, 2016 – present
   BA 345   Principles of Management (undergraduates)
   BA 353   Principles of Marketing (undergraduates)
   BA 438   Organizational Behavior (undergraduates)
   BA 377   Non-Profit Management (undergraduates)

Drake University, 2015 – 2016
   MGMT 110  Organizational Behavior, (undergraduates)

   STAT  072  Advanced Business Statistics, (undergraduates)

University of Northern Iowa, 2015 – present
   Leadership in Action: Strategic Decision-Making under Uncertainty,
   (Professional Career Readiness Certificate undergraduate workshops)

Newcastle University, 2013 – present
   Research Methods, International Business (graduates)
   Quant. Research Methods, MBA (graduate)
   Cultural Diversity (graduate)
   Organizational Behaviour, (undergraduate)
   Introduction to Business (undergraduate)
   Topics in International Business, (undergraduate)
   Decision-making under Uncertainty, (executives)
   [11] Master Thesis Supervisions
   (100% successful completes. Externally reviewed)

University of Groningen, 2013 – 2015
   [8] Masters Thesis Supervisions in International Business
   (100% successful completes. All distinctions bar one high merit.
   One top of class award. All externally reviewed.)

University of Phoenix, 2007
   Critical Thinking, online-offline hybrid courses (undergraduates)

University of Iowa, 2005
   Competitive Intelligence, asynchronous business IS course (undergraduate and graduate)


Higher Education Service
   Newcastle University, Diversifying Portfolio Steering Committee, Executive Office, 2013 – 2014

   Newcastle University, Changing the Learning Landscape, Leadership Team, 2014
   Newcastle University, Internal Subject Reviewer, 2012 – 2014
      School of Mathematics and Statistics
      School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
      International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies
Newcastle University, PhD Business Student Representative, 2012 – 2014
University of Iowa Performing Arts Floor in Residence Hall, Founder, 2000 – 2002

Governance Oversight Service
   Meskwaki Inc. (Native American Tribal Corporation), Chair, 2011 – 2012

   Cedar Valley Regional Partnership, Secretary, 2011 – 2012
   Region 6 Housing Trust Fund, Founding Board of Directors, 2009 – 2012
   Iowa Innovation Gateway, Executive Board, 2008 – 2012
   Region 6 Planning Commission Council of Governments, Board of Directors, 2008 – 2012
   Rebuild Iowa Office Housing Task Force (Appointed by he Governor), 2008
   Region 6 Revolving Loan Fund, Board of Directors, 2007 – 2012
   Central Iowa Tourism, County Representative, 2007 – 2012
   Iowa Economic Development Connections, Board of Directors, 2007 – 2011

 Professional Community Service
   Welsh Assembly Government, Researcher, 2013

   Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England, Researcher, 2013
   Tama County Diversity Alliance, Founder, 2011 – 2012
   Tama County Wellness Coalition, Ex-officio, 2011 – 2012
   Tama County Health Care Providers Network, Ex-officio, 2010 – 2012
   Tama County Entrepreneurship Trust, Founder, 2010 – 2012
   Tama County Great Places, Founder, 2009 – 2012
   Tama County Historic Preservation Commission, Founder, 2009 – 2012
   Tama County Community Foundation, Ex-officio, 2007 – 2012
   Tama County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Ex-officio, 2007 – 2012
   iFoods, Iowa Valley Resource & Development, County Rep, 2007 – 2012
   Iowa Highway 30 Coalition, Tama County Spokesperson, 2007 – 2012
   Iowa Farm Bureau, Smart Solutions Project, 2007 – 2008
   Arlington Texas Arts Alliance, Founding Board of Directors, 2005 – 2006
   Iowa City Theatre, Developer, 2005
   St. Luke’s Hospital Hospice, Researcher, 2005
   Riverside Theatre, Researcher, 2002 & 2004 

Events Manager / Producer Service
   Newcastle University, Breaking Boundaries Conference, 2013

   Economic Evolutions, LLC, 2012 – Presently
   Tama County Economic Development Leadership Roundtables, 2007 – 2012
   Martha Ellen-Tye Opera Theatre, 2000 & 2001
   Carousel Theatre, 2000
   University of Iowa Performing Arts, 2000 – 2001

 Editorial Peer Review Service
    M@n@gement, 2013 – Present

Professional Memberships
   Fellow of Higher Education Academy, 2016

   Academy of Management, 2014 – present
   International Association of Contract & Commercial Management, 2012 – present
   International Economic Development Council, 2011 – 2012
   Professional Developers of Iowa, 2007 – 2012

Honors and Awards
   ATHGO Anti-Corruption Social Policy Draft Winner, World Bank. 2008

   Nine educational scholarships, 2003 – 2011
   A Volding Business Plan Competition winner, 2002
   National Math Olympiad medal winner, 1997
   International Young Scientist Research Project winner, 1997

COMPUTER LITERACY: Proficient with wide variety of post-secondary teaching technology, qualitative (e.g. NVivo 10) and quantitative statistical analysis (e.g. SPSS 22.0) programs, competitive intelligence databases, spreadsheets, database integration and management, word processing, and audio/visual recording, design and editing packages. Special interest in using pictures and graphics to communicate complex points to lay audiences.

Comfortable learning new interfaces and remaining abreast of software and hardware evolution.

GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE: Bilingual: Fluent in English and Afrikaans. Lower level proficiency in other languages, including Chinese (Mandarin) and Greek. Educated and lived extended periods in four different continents including Africa, Americas, Australia and Europe.
Dual citizenship: United States and South Africa.

FINE & PERFORMANCE ARTS: Strong appreciation for the arts as a vehicle for expanding perspectives of our changing world, economic development and building innovating cultures. Winner of various arts related awards.

COMMITMENT: No restrictions on relocation for the right opportunity.

Updated October 8, 2016

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